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Why Marketing is Crucial

Updated: Mar 22

9. Bad marketing

In the early stages of a business, marketing is crucial. The key is to find the right balance between a reasonable budget and efficiency. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to digital marketing.

The two biggest advantages to investing in digital marketing campaigns are cost efficiency and measurable results (as opposed to traditional marketing methods such as print or tv advertising).

When setting up a marketing campaign, define the target audience, budget, and a realistic conversion rate. Again, if you need help, think about outsourcing for Google Ads or socil media campaigns.

Many companies fail because of an inefficient marketing plan that allocates funds to ineffective channels or to ineffective content. And when it’s too late, it’s difficult to redirect funds to make up for the loss.

marketing is crucial to business

Awareness is key

As stated, some external factors that negatively affect a business are unavoidable, but there are many internal factors business owners can act upon to prevent failure. The first two years are critical to creating a perennial business.

Be aware of these reasons and don’t become a statistic!

(Blog."Reasons why businesees fail and how to avoid them". Liveplan 2021)


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