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Estate Planning

Asset Protection

Estate planning is about your life today and in the future. Most importantly, it’s about planning your family’s future for your own peace of mind by organising financial security for them ahead of time. And if you have a business or assets you wish to protect, estate planning should be high on your list of things to do – ASAP!
But for some people, thinking ahead is something they either don’t consider important, or they simply just find it unpleasant to talk about. A well-prepared estate plan will not only help you leave money and assets to the people or organisations you care about, but it will help you uncover better solutions you didn't know were available for your family and business structures.

Regardless of the size or value of your estate, your estate plan should be a key component of your financial strategy and should be based on solid principles that establish or continue a tradition that accumulates, protects and distributes of assets through tax-efficient manners.

You would require the assistance and advice of a tax and estate planning specialist as this would be a complex exercise involving various disciplines and laws.

Estate Planning Accountant

We introduce you to the legal advisors with whom we have long and trusted relationships. They will help you with your estate planning to make sure it achieves your goals and objectives.

Together, we’ll combine our expertise to implement simple low-cost strategies to reduce and minimise costs and taxes following your death, and we’ll look at the highly efficient investment structures available to take care of your family and your estate after your passing or even the passing of another family member.

Protect your estate and plan ahead before it’s too late. Make an appointment to speak to us today about how Taxplan 365 can help you prepare your estate plan.


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