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Steve Zoccoli from Taxplan 365 is your taxation success partner. Steve offers a range of taxation accountancy services for personal and business taxation. 

Tax Accountant
Our Services

Business & Personal Taxation

We're specialists who have extensive knowledge of the Australian tax laws and how they apply to individuals and commercial clients.


We keep abreast of industry news and new tax rulings so we can be prepared to help you remain compliant with your tax at all times. Learn more...

Tax Planning

Tax planning is not tax compliance. Tax planning involves assessing your unique circumstances against more than 250 strategies and selecting those that can be implemented to make structured savings.


This is achieved by using deductions, exemptions and structures. These strategies are then can be used to outline the steps and actions required to make these savings happen. Learn More...

Business Structures

We help you determine which structure is suitable for you to make sure your business complies with the tax laws, which treat each structure differently. Choosing the proper structure from the very beginning can potentially save you a lot of money.  Learn More...

Negative Gearing

We introduce you to negative gearing and help you determine whether you can borrow funds to acquire the investment, help you understand tax implications as well as tax deductibles and costs associated with negatively geared property investment, to make sure it achieves your goals and objectives. Learn More...

Estate Planning

We introduce you to the legal advisors with whom we have long and trusted relationships. They will help you with your estate planning to make sure it achieves your goals and objectives. Learn More...

Self Managed Super Funds

Learn how to control how your super is set up and how the funds are invested. Learn More...

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