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Business Strategies for Success

Updated: Mar 22

Business strategies for success

Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail

Think about that for a moment...

More than 300 business fail in Australia on a daily basis. Why?

Reasons Businesses fail include:

Lack of planning

Lack of capital

Economic conditions

Lack of cash flow

Many businesses can avoid failure by preparing a solid Strategic Business Plan.

Why is Business planning so important?

"If you can't measure - it you can't manage it"

  • A business plan is like a road map that tells you exactly where you are headed.

  • It allows you to plan and control your business's growth.

  • It allows you to set performance goals and budgets.

  • Reduces waste and duplication of effort.

  • It helps managers analyse what is happening in the market place.

  • It ensures managers look more closely at what is happening in the business.

  • Can be used as a document to present to venture capitalists, bank managers etc. to attract funds.

  • Allows for clear understanding of business priorities.

  • Planning creates awareness and acceptance of change.

What Type of Plans can you have in your business?

  1. Overall Business Plan

  2. Financial Plan

  3. Marketing Plan

  4. Strategic Plan

  5. Operations Plan

  6. Growth or Expansion Plan

If you would like to learn more about developing your Business Strategies for Success, join me for a hands on workshop, click here to find out more...

Business strategies for success


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