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Steve Zoccoli, Accountant and Business Advisor, Perth WA
I'm Steve Zoccoli, your ultimate ally in overcoming the challenges that hinder your full potential. Steer your tax, financial or business goals toward success with me by your side to help you navigate your journey. Together, we will conquer uncertainties and propel you and your business past new frontiers.

I have been helping individuals and business owners for over 30 years. Having owned a number of different types of businesses has added to my experience and diversified knowledge of how businesses work. I'm a specialist who has extensive knowledge of Australian tax laws and how they apply to individuals and business clients.


I keep abreast of industry news and new tax rulings to be prepared to help you remain compliant with your tax at all times.

Services include advising as well as preparing, completing and lodging tax returns electronically for individuals and all types of business or family structures.


I also provide clients with a range of services including business strategies, marketing strategy and financial strategy that will help your business to thrive, grow and increase in business value. I am your Business Success Partner - I’m here for my clients, wherever, whenever.

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